I walk home from school the same way twice a week, and I am fairly sure I’ve never seen these flying bird wheat pastings before, are they new? Either way they’re mad cute.

And I’m sorry if a roommate of a friend of yours did these pastings months ago, or you “coulda swore you saw those one night walking home from the Barbary”, and I’m a big dumb ass blogging about them like they’re all new and shit.

That said, I’m pretty sure these are both new, and have popped up over the past few days. Along with the yarn bombing and Shepard Fairey Rocket Cat wheat paste last week, I wonder if the Fishtown/NoLibs area is heading into a hot street art popping up all the time phase… I hope so!!

By the way, sorry about all the attitude, but you know how sons of bitches get when they think you’re wrong. :p

TTLY, Conrad