This isn’t the newest song… I think Perez posted abt it in the summer. Hwvr, this is the first time I’ve seen a video for it. And according to it’s YouTube hits (almost none), it’s proly gonna be the first time you’ve seen it too.

Disclaimer: If u have seen this b4, don’t be an asshole and leave a comment like: “Ur blog sux… post abt knew stuff bro…”  And just be happy that u r, at the very least, an early adopter! (See chart above.)

Dan Black – HYPNTZ


TTLY, Conrad

P.s. I was told in a personal Myspace message that one of my recent posts was egocentric. And while it is my natural state to be “all abt myself”… I apologize to any loyal reads who my have been offended by my over-the-top meness… Srsly… Maybe.