Where the hell were you last night? Well if you didn’t make your way to Fluid Night Club then you really missed out. I know. I know. Tigerbeats is on Monday but you should’ve skipped this Monday and made your way down to Mad Decent Mondays at Fluid Nightclub. It was an historical event last night. Monday nights at Fluid are a lot of fun. You have your residents Dirty South Joe, Uncle Ron, DJ Yahnmeen,  Tim Dolla, Gun$ Garcia, Fluff Tronix, and Suga Shay.  Add in Maluca and Diplo and you have the nastiest Monday night you could ever imagine.

Walking into Fluid, I saw the usual crowd crammed into a wall to wall packed house.  Everyone was going crazy. I couldn’t even walk through. At some point I found myself standing on a tiny ledge taking in the atmosphere and getting up in the faces of everyone in the DJ booth with my lens. In these situations you have to do what you have to do and that is exactly what I did to show you what you missed out on last night.

Words can not even express how dope last night was. Maluca was phenomenal. All the residents were out of hand as usual.  Mad Decent Mondays is non stop dancing. As soon as Diplo stepped up I thought the floors were gonna collapse. I haven’t seen so many people this hype and wylin out in a while.  I hope you enjoy the photos. If you wanna try out a new Monday spot, come down to Fluid Night Club 613 South 4th Street ever Monday for Mad Decent Mondays.  Along with the resident DJ’s; they have some amazing special guest lined up.