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I went to my friend Lizzy’s house last night for a pretty serious Lost series finale party–DVR paused at the hint of a whisper, followed by boisterous commercial breaks flooded with the die-hard fans final predictions… and you saw that Dharma Initiative party ware above, right?

(SPOILER) While I’ve only seen seasons 1, 2 and parts of 3 and found quite a lot of it confusing (I guess Hurley’s still eating those Dharma granola bars… I mean really though, he didn’t loose any weight? Come on!), I was a little surprised that they were all dead in the end, mostly because I thought the writers of the show always proclaimed that they wouldn’t end it that easily. My puzzlement aside, all of the die-hards LOVED the ending. Maybe I just didn’t “get it,” you know?

What did you all think? Let me know…

TTLY, Conrad