Top photo: Ke$ha on SNL, last Saturday night.
Bottom photo: Peaches at the TLA in Philadelphia, back in September 2009.

These are pretty crap photos, but you can see Ke$ha’s SNL “performance” HERE, and Peaches TLA Philadelphia performance HERE (by the way, this is my Gang interview, Gang opened for Peaches in Philadelphia, so skip to 3:32 to see Peaches using her lazer keyboard.)

It’s just completely ridiculous, but then again that’s not really surprising when you look at who we’re talking about. Originality in the music industry died with Kanye West’s endless rip-offs of old songs due to a lack of musical creativity on his part, but whether you’re watching SNL or you’re playing foxy bingo to the radio, it’s hard not to shudder.

Ke$sha you are such a dumb bitch. Sorry, I never use the B word, but really that’s what you are. There’s NOTHING about you that’s original or creative. Give it up.

TTLY, Conrad