If you’re not sure who Taryn Zychal is, you probably should. The girl recycles broken umbrellas found on the streets of Philly after it rains and turn them into fabulous functional fashionable softgoods for her company Recycling Zychal. Some how she makes stuff like THIS out of broken umbrellas:

Well, as it is Taryn was selected out of thousands as a top 10 finalist in Stoli’s (yes the liquor) “originals campaign,” and with only a day left in the competition¬†she’s nearly won. Go Philly! The contest was to send in a a one cut, unedited video to see who’s the most original. Well here’s Taryn’s video, and as she puts it “It’s no Nicki Minaj rapping skills, but its cute and its certainly better than anything Amanda Blank has put out recently (oh ZING!)” Starting the rap wars already Taryn?¬†Take a look y’all, the video with the most views wins, and I really want a Philly girl to win it…

The prize, by the way, is $25,000, and as she explains it to me, if she wins Taryn wants to invest the money in her company. LOVE it.

TTLY, Conrad