Girl in a Coma: Pulling Through Philthy

For years now I’ve been heralding San Antonio’s Girl in a Coma as “The only band worthy of their Smiths-inspired moniker” and they still haven’t put it on a...

For years now I’ve been heralding San Antonio’s Girl in a Coma as “The only band worthy of their Smiths-inspired moniker” and they still haven’t put it on a T-shirt… That’s okay though, I still love them.  The trio, known for their Southern Fried take on Power Pop, released their third LP, Exits & All the Rest, November 1st and the girls are currently touring the nation with Atlanta’s most badass PostR.Grrrls, The Coathangers, on the best bill of the fall.  The two will find themselves gracing the stage of Philadelphia’s North Star Bar this Tuesday (11/15), where you will find myself and Philthy’s own fashionista, Elizabeth, re-living our days as angsty punk teens.  I recently chatted with Girl in a Coma about their current tour, Philthy memories, and the sweet smell of Morrissey.  Check out what they had to say…

Izzy Cihak: This is a Philadelphia-based publication and you’ve spent a lot of time in this city (and played nearly every single venue).  Do you have any particularly fond or vivid memories of the city?

Girl in a Coma: I think I remember the first time we played Philly… we played with a band with a female singer. There were probably about 5 people there. Fire Escape is maybe the name of the venue? It was fun.

IC: Your latest album is called Exits & All the Rest, quite a heavy concept. What were the biggest inspirations for your latest?

GIAC: We were inspired by a lot of personal experiences each one of us were going through. Lots of changes, lots of learning. Always for the better, though.

IC: You often wear your influences on your sleeve, between your name and your regular live covers (and covers album, Adventures in Coverland).  Do you have any influences (musical or otherwise) that no one would guess?

GIAC: A lot of tejano music… growing up in San Antonio it was and is everywhere.

IC: You’ve toured with a lot of amazing acts (Moz, Tegan and Sara, Miss Derringer, Sia, etc.)  Anyone make for especially interesting touring mates or provide especially interesting stories?

GIAC: Morrissey was surreal. He smelled really good! haha…We knew when he was in the building because of his cologne. Miss Derringer was a party everyday… That was a super fun tour. We learn from every tour, though. Positive and negative.

IC: So I’ve often cited “Static Mind” as “Possibly the Best Rock Song of the Century… Thus Far” and the lyrical content seems to mirror a former relationship of mine to a scary degree, so I have to ask, “What actually inspired its narrative?”

GIAC: Well it could be about a relationship… or even a friendship. Nina tends to write about people around her, not just her own personal experiences. It could be about a relationship she was witnessing. Nina likes people to make up their own stories for the songs. It’s fun and more personal that way.

IC: 2011 is drawing to a close.  Do you have any highlights or are there any artists you find especially noteworthy?

GIAC: For us, the highlight of the year was when we drew over 2,500 people at our album release show in San Antonio. It is such a supportive city. As for other artists, check out Agent Ribbons – one of our favorite bands!

IC: You’re currently touring with The Coathangers, which would seem to be a great pair.  How did you hook up with them and what are your thoughts on their aesthetic?

GIAC: I actually saw them in 2010 at a local venue in San Antonio called the 1011. I really liked them and bought a vinyl. When I heard they were submitted for tour, I totally wanted them on. It’s been great so far…nice gals and fun band.

IC: What can fans expect from the both of you on your current tour?

GIAC: Lots of energy and just fun rock and roll. No gimmicks no mini skirts 🙂

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