Durry Finally Plays The Foundry (6/5): “We’re hoping to have a crowd that’s good and riled up with anticipation.”

This coming Wednesday, June 5th, sibling power pop duo Durry will be headlining The Foundry… exactly six months to the day since the Minnesota outfit were originally set to...

This coming Wednesday, June 5th, sibling power pop duo Durry will be headlining The Foundry… exactly six months to the day since the Minnesota outfit were originally set to play the Fishtown venue.  But during a recent phone chat with Austin and Taryn Durry, Austin (whose sickness resulted in the postponements) tells me that the new date might actually be an improvement upon the originally scheduled show: “All these make up shows we’ve been doing have been amazing, better than they would’ve been the first time!”  “We’ve been practicing!” Taryn jokes.

Durry are currently touring behind their debut LP, Suburban Legend, which dropped last September, courtesy of Big Pip Records.  The album’s produced four singles [“Who’s Laughing Now,” “I’m Fine (No Really),” “Coming of Age,” and “Little Bit Lonely”], which received praise from the likes of V Magazine, Rolling Stone, and Ones to Watch, in addition to earning them covers of Amazon Music’s Breakthrough Alternative and Spotify’s Fresh Finds Rock playlists.

This March Durry released “Teenagers Forever,” a standalone single.  However, Austin tells me that the track basically started as a joke: “I posted it on TikTok in response to people talking about the topics of the song, even though we’d just recently put out an album and weren’t ready for new music…  It definitely has a different flavor than anything we’ve done before.”  The song is a Millennial teen angst ballad of epic proportions, and while the band characterizes it as, “a fluke,” fans have been loving it, with it earning four times Durry’s biggest one day streaming numbers ever.  “There are a lot of people saying we stole their thoughts [laughs], like we’re singing about their life,” Austin says of the ode to suburban teenage life of the 21st Century.

Tonight Durry kick off their current batch of dates, which follow a weeklong run of shows early this month that had the band playing the smallest venues they had in a while.  “It was originally meant to go to Texas to play this big festival, which got cancelled [laughs]…  But it gave us a chance to play smaller rooms again, before we got a chance to step back into these bigger rooms,” Austin tells me.  The shows also had the band playing a few new and unreleased songs, which they tell me they will definitely be bringing on their current trek, which will also include our favorite local self-proclaimed “phruitcore” act.  “We’ll be with Mega Mango, and they’re our favorite!” says Taryn, telling me that she and Austin have been friends with the Philthy band for about three years now.  “They were like a TikTok discovery for us, and when we would tour, we would listen to them constantly.  So when management asked who we wanted to bring out, they were our first choice,” says Austin.

Austin and Taryn’s current dates have them playing the US through mid-July, which they tell me is something new for them.  “Since we’ve started touring, we’ve always had a gap in the summer, so we hope we don’t melt.  We hope the air conditioner holds out,” jokes Austin.  The dates include a handful of performances at major festivals, something he says they also don’t have a ton of experience with: “We honestly haven’t played that many in that setting, a big open stage and all that.  We consider shows like that to be a ‘win ‘em over show.’  It’s a lot harder, but also has a much larger reach.”

The first of these major festivals is New York’s famed Gov Ball, which will feature Durry playing a 2pm set on Friday, June 7th.  And while they’re excited for the crowd and opportunity, Austin admits that it will likely be a bit of a tease: “At Gov Ball, we’re playing the same stage as Post Malone, which is just crazy, but our next show is the next day in Canada, so we have to just play our show, pack, and leave [laughs].”  However, I let them know that our buddy and bubblegrunge phenom Blondshell/Sabrina Teitelbaum will be performing on their same stage right before them, and Austin tells me that they’ll definitely check her out, before admitting, “She might be the only artist we get to see [laughs].”

Before Durry heads to Europe for a round of dates in August and September, the band will be playing a major hometown festival in Minneapolis’ Minnesota Yacht Club Fest, which takes place July 19th and 20th and features Gwen Stefani, Alanis Morissette, and The Black Crowes.  “Gwen Stefani will be there!” exclaims Taryn, before Austin chimes in: “I doubt we’ll get to hang out with her [laughs], but you never know!”  However, he does say that he thinks the festival represents something big for their local music community: “I feel like Minnesota is like this little island of creativity in the Midwest… and Yacht Club is gonna be Minnesota’s new meter festival and will get some other people looking at us.”  The lineup also features our phriends (and bubblegrunge enthusiasts) Gully Boys, who Austin tells me he and Taryn are quite familiar with: “Mariah was actually in my old band for a long time.  They’re definitely local legends.”

However, when it comes to their favorite shows, Taryn tells me, “I feel like a smaller venue that is sold-out is the most fun and intimate and rowdy,” with Austin adding, “Small and you can still meet people afterwards.”  “That’s the best part!” Taryn proclaims.  And they’ll be in luck when they play The Foundry on Wednesday, as the show that was originally scheduled for last December is sold out (although there are currently Verified Resale Tickets going for $50).  “We’re hoping to have a crowd that’s good and riled up with anticipation,” says Austin.

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