“Sexy face” conversation Louisa and I are having right now at the Bean on South Street: 

The art skool first-date that’s happening right next to us is rlly super loud, and we now know everything abt them. For example, “baby weight girl” believes pretty strongly in karma, while her male counterpart feels that he hasn’t exactly experienced any reciprocated positive energy lately… He’s going to start a cult. She believes this would be a good way to make a lot of money, quickly. (I think u get the idea.)

Above is a snippet of Louisa and I’s secret Facebook conversation abt them. 

BTW… Do u care that Facebook owns all of ur photos and videos and conversations now? I think I do, but I have still not fully decided. Let me know what u think. 

UPDATE 2/18/09: Facebook is reconsidering it’s policy! 


We’ve won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s like Obama all over again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TTLY, Conrad