$21 billion MORE for GM and Chrysler?!?!

Like I said before… Any company that manufactures the Hummer on the crux of an environmental apocalypse deserves to go out of business.

If Obama/Congress want to foster a strong US car industry, they should invest (our money, btw) in a new generation of American car manufacturers. Car manufacturers that build electric cars, or that use bio fuels. Invest billions of dollars in rebuilding the infrastructure that caused a bridge to collapse, with sustainable materials. Invest billions of dollars in renewable energy. 

Invest in the future, and stop blowing money away on unhealthy lobbyist influences that keep us tethered to the past.

If any Whole Foods team member can understand this, why doesn’t it resonate in Washington? Are we too corrupt to continue?

Anyway… fun with corporate logos in our American depression recession…

Illustrations by Perezfox.com

BONUS: Pepsi logo as fat dude!

TTLY, Conrad