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Louisa and I were walking to drop off our rent check this afternoon, when we walked by this all too familiar summer scene: police investigating a senseless, brutal homicide while neighbors stand by in glum wonder. The nude body of an Asian woman was discovered ditched off Girard avenue between 3rd and 4th streets, on the boarder between Northern Liberties and Kensington.

So sad.

We only found all that out too, thanks to some Daily News guy we talked to who was writing about the story.

Why does violence ALWAYS surge in the summer? So fucked up… Be safe y’all.

UPDATE: The body found was that of 21 year old, PYT waitress, and friend to a lot of you, Sabina Rose O’Donnell… I didn’t really know the girl at all, I talked to her maybe three times, but even those few times I remembered how sweet and smiley and warm she was. My heart goes out to all her family and friends.

TTLY, Conrad