If Philthy readers hadn’t noticed, I’m a long way from getting tired of postmodernly lovely chanteuses of the synth pop variety. So it should be no surprised that I’m currently digging (and, admittedly, crushing on) NYC’s Computer Magic (moniker of Danielle Johnson, or Danz).  Computer Magic/Danz/Danielle has been a part of NYC’s music scene as a DJ and promoter since she was old enough to buy porn.  However, more recently she temporarily relocated to her mom’s place in Tampa, when she began composing her own music for the first time.  She claims it was inspired by Philip K. Dick and the inevitable union of human and machine.  She released a 7”, “A Million Years,” last month and has a full-length in the works for the summer.  I recently got a chance to catch up with Danz to chat about all of this… in addition to some of her favorite pieces of pop culture.

Computer Magic photo 1

Izzy Cihak: I have to ask, what inspired the moniker, “Computer Magic?”

Danielle Johnson: I got the name “Computer Magic” from a quote in the movie Spinal Tap, when Viv Savage is playing a video game and says, “Quite exciting, this computer magic.” I thought it was fitting.

IC: You recently toured with Caveman.  What were the highlights?

DJ: The whole tour was amazing and super fun. I’d never been to the majority of places we visited, so that was really exciting. A few tour stories are: We got stuck on the side of the road, 30 miles north of Jackson, Mississippi, because we ran out of gas. Went to Harrah’s in New Orleans (None of us had ever been to a Casino before — we only spent $2. We won absolutely nothing but watched a lot of older people play slots). Played a bowling alley in Detroit.  Recorded at Daytrotter. Drove to Chicago in that snowstorm and made it to the set with 10 minutes to spare… Tour stories could go on forever!

IC: How would you describe your recently released 7”?

DJ: A synth pop-esque single that I worked hard on and hope people like.

IC: What do you consider to be your biggest influences and inspirations, whether musical or non-musical?

DJ: Star Wars, Radiohead, Jane Fonda, Pop Rocks.

IC: What are your biggest plans and goals for 2013?  I understand you have a full-length coming this summer.  How does that compare to this 7”?

DJ: My goals are to own a Prophet 12, get a bicycle, and finally finish the full-length album (All things that are long overdue.) I don’t know how it’ll compare because it’s not finished yet, so I guess we’ll see! I’m really ready to put out a full-length. I’m almost afraid I’ve waited too long. It’s been over two years and I’ve just been putting out random EPs. I’m sure it’ll sound a little like the stuff on the single, since it’s still CM, but can’t be too sure, always trying to find better ways to make things sound.

[youtube http://youtu.be/RNBqGy-x5Io]