Do u all think that celebrity family deaths r the late 00s answer to the early 00s celebrity sex tapes? As far as publicity goes.

Ok first of all… I’m not rlly good at talking delicately abt anything, so I’d just like to say R.I.P. to all these ppl, no disrespect. For real, it’s sad as hell…

But srsly, it’s not so much that these celebs’ family members died. (Celebs’ family members r always dying, ppl r always dying.) It just seems to me like it’s being publicized much more lately (last year or so.) Do u all feel that too?

Proly not by the celebs themselves either, but by their creepy agents and managers and shit who, at the end of the day, just want their celebs’ names in the headlines.

Why does the mainstream media even report stuff like this? Why am I posting abt it? It’s got nothing to do with the artists’ talent. It’s highly personal, deeply painful, and on some serious nxt lvl voyeurism shit. 

Juz some thoughts… What u think?

TTLY, Conrad

R.I.P. Betty Paige… U were nxt lvl before there were even levels.