Meanwhile a 27% approval rating declares the entire Bush presidency an “Emergency Of State” (clever, I know.)

BTW, did u all see this new video? It’s pretty cute, I guess… 

Daft Punk vs. Adam Freeland – Aer OBAMA

Anyway, so… Abraham Lincoln’s bible, a rocket-proof “Obamamobile,” over 2 million people, and over $200 million dollars… All for less than a one minute swearing-in? [DailyMail]


Seems a bit much doesn’t it?  

That said, I’ve decided to go! (Once in a lifetime, right?) My friend Louisa and I will be heading down Monday night. Staying with a friend in Baltimore. And braving the Metro into D.C. early Tuesday morning. 

I should have a camera and the whole bit. So stay tuned to this blog for updates. 

TTLY, Conrad