Although I’m guessing much of Philthy (or, likely more accurately, it’s suburbs) will be at Mick and Keef tonight… However, there are a handful of worthwhile concerts that are...

Although I’m guessing much of Philthy (or, likely more accurately, it’s suburbs) will be at Mick and Keef tonight… However, there are a handful of worthwhile concerts that are far more financially friendly, most notably BONES UK, who will be headlining MilkBoy for $15.  The super-saucy electro-rockers, comprised of Rosie Bones and Carmen Vandenberg, are touring behind their recently released self-titled debut LP.  The album blends rock riffs with industrial beats and the sassiest R&B you can imagine.  Although ineffably danceable, the band, who hail from London but currently reside in LA, doesn’t shy away from the sociopolitical, more often than not providing musical attacks on the institutionalized sexism of the entertainment industry and consumer culture.

Izzy: I know that this is always a big question but, considering that the band is still relatively new, what have been some of the highlights of BONES UK so far?

BONES UK: The first time we heard people singing “Pretty Waste” back to us. We’d just gotten the placement on Orange Is The New Black and a load of people suddenly knew who we were and were coming to gigs. It was amazing. It’s still amazing. Any new people that hear about us. Every 10 new people that follow us on socials. Expanding the reach. That’s the best thing.

Izzy: Have you had any favorite reactions to your music so far?

BONES UK: The best reaction is when people say they feel empowered by our music. We love that.

Izzy: I really like the whole album, but I especially love “Skeletone,” which just reminds me of some of the most subversive pop of the late 20th century. It actually reminds me of a more electro-driven version of Poe. How did that particular track come about?

BONES UK: Fuck yeah! That’s one of our favourites too.

Rosie had the line about, “feels like someone’s gunna die,” and the whole song was going to be about gangs. But then the lyric kept evolving and it kinda turned into a song about domestic violence. Of having enough. We love the atmosphere in it. It grooves like a mother fucker. And Carmen’s solo is one of our faves.

Izzy: And how would you characterize your process of writing and recording together, if there even is a particular process? I’ve heard that you’re basically willing to record in any setting.

BONES UK: Yeah, we don’t really believe in studios.

When the inspiration comes it comes and we wanna get it down as quickly as possible and any way possible. We’ve recorded in the back of cars… beaches…. everywhere. As far as song writing, it’s always different. But I think the best songs we write usually come from a killer “hook”/ slogan. Then we build the music around that.

Izzy: You kind of wear your non-musical influences on your sleeve, but I’m curious what is some of the music that you find in especially heavy rotation recently, whether you consider it to be a direct influence on your sound or not?

BONES UK: I (Rosie) have been listening to a lot of Burt Bacharach at the moment. He’s such a killer song writer. I really wanna learn from him as far as writing “timeless classics.” There’s also a band called Rainbow Kitten Surprise we’ve been rolling about in.

Izzy: And I know that you do all of your music videos yourselves, which I really love, so I’m curious what are some of the biggest influences behind the visual aspects of BONES UK? I know Rosie went to art school. Are there any visual artists that you find to be especially inspiring, or just cool?

BONES UK: There are so many people or things that I get influenced by. Most aren’t artists. Most things just come to me from life, from the world, movies I see, experiences I have. Love the Chapman brothers.

Izzy: You have a ton of upcoming dates, both headlining and otherwise. Are there any gigs you’re especially excited to play, or just cities you’re especially excited to visit or revisit?

BONES UK: So excited for all of them!!!!!!!! Been a while since we’ve toured, so love it. Spending a load of time in NYC, which is always naughty. Lots of trouble to be had there.

Izzy: What can be expected of the live experience when you play our very own MilkBoy? Your music would seem to translate really well to a live show.


Izzy: Finally, what are you hoping and planning for the remainder of 2019, after these dates wrap? Are there any things you’re especially excited about?

BONES UK: Lots and lots and lots and more TOURING.

Also gunna get cracking with the second album!

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