Lana Thompson is moving to Portland. But before she leaves she wanted to get a tattoo of the city she’s loved… And it’s seriously the best fucking Philly skyline tattoo I’ve ever seen.

Inspired by a 1992 custom neon by Len Davidson (aka Davidson Neon, of the Neon Museum of Philadelphia), that was originally designed as a large wall piece for a den. 

Lana headed to Tiny Tim’s Boulevard Tattoo in Collingdale, PA and was worked on by Chad Knight… (Is that the right terminology? “Worked on”?… I have… None of the tattoos.)

I LOVE this… Good job girl!! Philly will miss you too.

I should mention that Lana’s got a voice if here own. Check out her Tumblr HERE.

I’m seriously considering a Philly tattoo. What do you all think? Do you have any Philly tattoos? Let me know…

TTLY, Conrad