As pissed off about the oil spill as I am? THEN DO SOMETHING!

Next Thursday, June 17th, Philthy Paul and Passable Plastic will be taking donations at their Been There Done That monthly dance party for the National Wildlife Federation to aid in rescuing, cleaning and rehabilitating the devastatedĀ animals of the Golf Coast. The party is free at the door, and donations are whatever you can spare. Please, help if you can.

And stay updated on the oil spill, and other environmental news. There’s this new Philly blogger, Sara Pegarella (who just also happens to be Philthy Paul’s lovely girlfriend), anyway, she’s started this blog, One Planet, One Person, One Day at a Time that is incredibly informative and well written. If you like my blog, even a little bit, hell, if you’re even reading this post right now, I know you’ll fall in love with her blog. Check it out HERE.

TTLY, Conrad