It’s been nearly four years since the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection has been graced with the presence of global superstar Marina Diamandis, and the London-based electropop singer/songwriter has been through a few changes in that time.  Once known as Marina and the Diamonds, Diamandis now goes, simply, by MARINA.  This April she released her fourth LP, Love + Fear, her first since 2015’s Froot.  The album was inspired by psychologist Elisabeth Kübler-Ross’ theory that love and fear are the only true emotions, and is broken into two eight-song portions, with LOVE exploring the things that MARINA desires out of life, and FEAR focusing on the obstacles that she, and humanity in general, faces on a daily basis.  Earlier this week, MARINA kicked off a US tour, which will have her at our newly reopened Met this Saturday, September 14, for a show that is, somehow, still not quite sold out.  If the threat of possibly not getting to see the electro-chanteuse for the next four years isn’t enough to get you to come out (There are actually tons of “Verified Resale Tickets” for between $30 and $40.), here are five of her best tracks, to remind you of her amazingness, from the electropop and dance-rock anthems she’s best known for, to a wonderfully heartbreaking piano pop ballad, and even a postmodern protest song (And sources close to us tell us that she will likely be playing the majority of them.)

5. ”How to be a Heartbreaker”


4. ”Primadonna”


3. “To Be Human”


2. “Oh No!”


  1. “Teen Idle”