Young Prisms: New Mourning(?)

Young Prisms’ latest musical output is said to have been inspired by time they spent stoned in Heathrow Airport.  The outcome can be found on In Between, the sophomore LP...

Young Prisms’ latest musical output is said to have been inspired by time they spent stoned in Heathrow Airport.  The outcome can be found on In Between, the sophomore LP from the San Francisco five- piece (although not the same five who found themselves on their debut, Friends for Now), which was released on Kanine Records this spring.  The album is morbidly introspective, reflecting upon the most basic concepts that haunt the human experience… but not in an especially depressing way… more something meant for rainy day musings or those days when you attempt to compose the film of your life in your own head.  The biggest change in the band’s sound is the addition of vocalist/guitarist Ashley Thomas, who would seem to add an ethereal glaze to their post-psychedelic fuzz.  Young Prisms are currently on tour with postmodern chanteuse Tamaryn and this Thursday, November 8th, they will be here in Philly for the second time this year, appearing at Johnny Brenda’s.  I recently got a chance to chat with the band about what they’ve been up to and what you can expect of their live show (which is sounding more exciting than ever).

Izzy Cihak: Since this is a Philadelphia-based publication, I’m inclined to ask if you have any particular thoughts on the city or any especially fond memories.  You’ve been here a few times now.

Young Prisms: We always have a great time in Philadelphia. Obviously, we are always psyched about the cheesesteaks. But aside from that, the people who come out to the shows are always sweet and attentive. Seems like they’re appreciative of bands that travel so far to come play for them.

IC: You released your sophomore LP, In Between, earlier this year.  What have been the highlights of promoting it and how has it been received, compared to your debut?

YP: It’s always exciting to put records out. There was a little bit of anxiety leading up to this record in particular because of the change in guitar “personnel.” There was a bit of work to make sure we could still play some of the older stuff, while focusing on translating the newer record live. It feels like it’s been received well, maybe even better than the first LP?  Hopefully the next is even better.

IC: You’re currently on tour with Tamaryn.  What are your thoughts on the project (Were you fans beforehand?)?

YP: We were big fans of Tamaryn well before this tour began. That’s part of the reason we’re on tour with them; we get to see a great band play on a nightly basis.

IC: How has the tour gone thus far (highlights?)?  What can Philadelphia fans expect of the experience?

YP: Playing with Tamaryn has been amazing. They’re a great band and great people. It’s always special when you tour with a band that you genuinely get along with and enjoy watching. It makes everything that much more fun and easy to deal with. She’s also been doing visual projections for us, which is really a treat because it makes the show so much more special and interesting to watch. Sometimes we look like statues under bright stage lights, so it helps make for a better all around experience.

IC: What are your biggest plans for 2013? Any New Year’s resolutions (or revolutions… for that matter)?

YP: We’d like to get back into the studio and work on the next LP early in ’13… That’s if the world survives the rest of this year.



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