Remember when I posted about Spike Jonez’s new short film staring Kanye West “We Were Once A Fairytale”?

Well, it was free on the internet for a few days before it was taken down. Rumors were tossed around that the short film was taken down because of a controversial sex scene that takes place right before a scene in which Kanye cuts into his belly, releasing and killing his “ego” (a very Wild Things-escy creature). 

The video got something like a half million views in 3 days on Vimeo, which unlike YouTube, doesn’t really ever get that many views… Well, secrets out… It seems the video wasn’t taken down because of a sex scene. The video was taken down to only be put back up, this time for some money, on iTunes… Lame. Hopefully you watched it for free when I posted about it. 

All that aside, a promotional video has hit Vimeo. It’s a “Behind The Scenes” view of Kanye being Kanye on set of “We Were Once A Fairytale”…


While it is really hard to believe this is a candid look at Kanye behind the scenes… It is not very hard to believe that he would be that obnoxious in real life.

What’d you all think?…

TTLY, Conrad