Last Sunday a super-sold out Johnny Brenda’s was feeling extra nostalgic (for a time prior to the births of the vast majority of the capacity audience).  Headlining the evening was Austin quartet White Denim, who kicked out a two-hour, 23-song set of their extra-jammy, prog-infused, Southern Rock (the majority of which came from 2016’s Stiff and 2011’s D).  And while White Denim embraced the jam band vibe of the early ‘70s, openers Uni, whom we first met this February, have a more Mott-the-Hoople-by-way-of-Spacehog-brand of Glam Rock.  The two bands are a slightly curious combination, but proved to be a very nice reminder of some of the highlights of pre-digital-music Rock’N’Roll.  Here are some pictures of the extra-packed, extra-sweaty evening.