So PHILTHY’s very favorite band (I know you’re not supposed to have favorites, but whatevs…); sunny, surfery, garagey, girl-groupy psych rockers Beach Day; have a brand new video… or a brand-new-but-actually-old video, which officially premiered today.  PHILTHY first met the Hollywood, Florida group (officially a duo)  in March of 2013 and last officially spoke on the record with guitarist/vocalist/frontwoman/mainperson Kimmy Drake last August.  And while the city of Philly hasn’t shown them a ton of luv at their three area appearances, we here at PHILTHY maintain that they’re currently pretty much the greatest band in the world (With Those Darlins and Pottymouth aggressively on their heels).

Beach Day’s latest video is for their song “Stay,” off of their 2013 debut LP, Trip Track Attack.  The track is a hook-heavy, groovy garage jam, reminiscent of Phil Spector’s all-too-brief dabblings in punk.  And the video is a nod to the pains of intense and twisted teenage love as originally imagined in Amy Heckerling’s Clueless and John Waters’ Cry-Baby, two of Ms. Drake’s favorite films.  The film was shot in Beach Day’s hometown, directed by Megan Blackburn, and edited by Kimmy herself.  Check it out below and keep tabs on Beach Day, who are currently working on songs for their third LP.