Any of us who have been in the 215 for more than a couple weeks know that it takes something quite noteworthy to get Philthy residents with even moderately refined tastes to come out to the cavernous, over-priced spectacle of cheesiness that is the Electric Factory… And this Friday, November 4th, when morosely aggressive English folk rockers of the brilliantly sassy persuasion, Daughter, will be headlining the 2,000+ room, certainly fits that qualification… and I would highly recommend being there… However, I would also recommend showing up early to catch openers Vancouver Sleep Clinic, who take the stage at 9pm.  Australia’s Vancouver Sleep Clinic is led by singer/songwriter/producer Tim Bettinson.  His first EP, 2014’s Winter, achieved over 30,000,000 streams and 100,000 digital sales, in addition to a bevy of critical accolades and sold out tours of Australia and Europe.  Vancouver Sleep Clinic are preparing the release of their debut LP for next year and have recently released two singles, “Lung” and “Killing Me To Love You,” which ring of intellectually pensive and balladic folktronica with a taste for the slightly funky.  Having just seen Aurora, who is of a similar flavor, successfully headline Union Transfer (in the middle of a SEPTA strike, no less), I suspect Vancouver Sleep Clinic is something aficionados of folk and electronic mega-stars are going to want to get in on on the ground floor.