Tying Tiffany: Melancholic Moods and Enthusiastic Attitudes

So, we all know Morrissey is touring this spring… But the second thing I’m most excited about in 2014 is the fact that Tying Tiffany is apparently going to...

So, we all know Morrissey is touring this spring… But the second thing I’m most excited about in 2014 is the fact that Tying Tiffany is apparently going to be embarking on her first full-scale US tour ever.  Italy’s Tying Tiffany has been making electro-punk-and-clash and an abundance of other especially abrasive synthetic music for the past decade. However, last year’s SXSW/NYC trip was her first time ever playing the states.  I chatted with her about the experience last year and her latest EP, One, whose 4 tracks have since spawned Drop, her latest LP, which is set to drop on March 11th.  The cyber chanteuse was kind enough to take some time to catch me up on what she’s been up to in the past year and even unveiled a few lovely things that were news to me…

Izzy: The last time we chatted for Philthy you said that you don’t like to plan too much into the future, so I won’t ask you what you’re most excited for in 2014, but what turned out to be the highlights of the second half of 2013?

Tiffany: After the One EP release I went on tour and then I was in the studio, working on the new album all the time. It’s been definitely one of the most exciting periods of 2013 ‘cause I was very eager to work on the new songs.

Izzy: You mentioned that you really enjoy collecting vinyl and cassettes, so I have to ask: What are your thoughts on cassettes coming back in style (at least here in the states, among the “indie” community.)  They’re definitely my favorite way to consume music.

Tiffany: I’ve got many cassettes in my collection, most of them original releases, some demos of several bands and some Techno DJ-sets from the mid ’90s. Honestly, I’m a Hi-Fi addict, but I love the original analog sound and the warmth of vinyl and I guess nostalgia plays a big part of it!  It was so cool how each tape sounded different depending on what cassette deck you used 😉

Izzy: You also mentioned that you really enjoy expanding your musical palate by collaborating with other musicians.  Is there anyone you’ve been collaborating with recently that you feel has really inspired you in a significant way?

Tiffany: Lately I was mainly focused on the Drop album, but I’m already planning several collaborations with other artists in the near future, especially for remixes.


Izzy: How do you feel like Drop compares to your previous efforts?  You told me that you felt One was a step in a different direction for you.  Is this a continuation of that?

Tiffany: The six new songs I wrote for the Drop album follow the same mood and atmosphere of the One EP songs… They have the same flow, the sense of loneliness and melancholy, the music structure in general. I think it’s a nice opportunity for those who missed the EP to have now the chance to listen to all the tracks in the same release!

Izzy: What would you consider to be the album’s most significant influences?

Tiffany: The album is inspired by the ’90s electronica, influenced by several music scenes going on at the time, such as the Artificial Intelligence series on Warp , R&S and Rising High Records, acid house, ambient and chill-wave.  These kinds of sounds have influenced me so much during the years and that was an important inspiration on my musical path.  However, while working on the album, I spent many days walking by the sea… I felt so connected to the nature and that helped me find the mood for the new album. I was mainly inspired by the depth and power of the sea and that reflects into a lot of the lyrics. But there is also a dreamy-lysergic imaginary, where the sense of peace is represented by the element of water that is a constant flow around the songs of the album. I’ve put all my trust in the mysterious power of the nature!

Izzy: Do you have a particular favorite album track? I fucking love “A Lone Boy.”  I feel like it really speaks to me, but it’s also the most sonically sexy thing I’ve heard in ages.

Tiffany: It’s hard to say which one is the most important, I love all of them. I’m glad you like “A Lone Boy” … Every time that I sing this song it touches my heart and it’s difficult to not get excited.

Izzy: Finally, you have a handful of upcoming, rare US dates.  What can be expected?

Tiffany: The album is ready and it’s going out in a few days in the US (on ZerOKilled Music) and Europe. I will be playing in NY, SXSW, and LA and I will back in the US for a full tour soon. Performing the new album made the live show a bit different from the previous gigs. It’s more electronic now.  I’m totally happy about Drop… the sound, the lyrics, the artwork, everything. Now… I want to tour and take my live show to every place on earth.


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