Twin Sister: Don’t Worry… Everything is Fine

Philthy readers have likely come across Twin Sister at least a time or two in the past couple of years.  The quite-hard-to-pin-down Long Island indie outfit has been more...

Philthy readers have likely come across Twin Sister at least a time or two in the past couple of years.  The quite-hard-to-pin-down Long Island indie outfit has been more or less perpetually on the road since 2010 and they recorded their latest in the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection.  However, this weekend may be your last chance to come across them in the flesh for a while.  The band recently announced that, following their upcoming tour (beginning this Sunday, 1/22, with a show at Johnny Brenda’s), they will be taking it easy for a while. I recently chatted with the band about their reason for the break of sorts, the city itself, and my favorite local chanteuse… the lady in the radiator.

Izzy Cihak: You’re kicking off your tour this Sunday in Philadelphia and this is a Philadelphia-based publication, so I’m inclined to ask if you have any particularly fond memories of or thoughts on the city.

Twin Sister: We love Philly. In Heaven [their latest, and first full-length] was recorded at Miner Street Studios in Fishtown.  We have good friends there, played a lot of shows which are now and forever and always, fond memories. I want a Paesano sandwich.

IC: You’re on the road with Ava Luna, who seem like perfect touring mates for you.  How did the two of you get hooked up and were you previously fans of theirs?

TS: We were!! It’s been a few years now. Ever since we started playing a lot of shows in Brooklyn, we would play with them once in a while. “Oh, hey, great set” we’d say to each other, hi five, that sorta thing. One thing led to another and here we are, in fifth gear.

IC: I can only assume that In Heaven was named for Eraserhead.  Do you have any other significant non-musical influences?

TS: Everything is fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine… Food, Clothing, Accessories, Relationships, Parents, Our Parents’ Relationships, etc.

IC: Your sound has been characterized in a lot of different, and sometimes conflicting, ways.  How would you describe your aesthetic?

TS: I will answer with my favorite categorization I’ve heard so far: Porn/Goth/Country/R&B. That’s been my favorite but, if I had to answer it from my own brain, I’d say pop and rock and hard rock and Sad.

IC: You recently Tweeted “We’re going to be cutting back on the constant touring after this one, so it might be your last chance to see us for a while.”  What are Twin Sister’s plans for 2012, whether as a band or individually?

TS: Well, we figured we have been touring a lot the past year and a half, two years. We tried to allocate a little block of time in between tours to record (In Heaven), which was great fun and productive times, but something about it wasn’t natural for us. We’ve been through a lot as a band, so after this tour we want to just let things happen more naturally as far as writing and recording goes. Not ruling anything out, just not touring for months at a time. You may see us on a little baby tour though, trying out new stuff. Who knows. We just need to live our lives a little and make more new music together.


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