Turnover’s Austin Getz Talks About, “A whole new energy around the band.” (12/18 at UT)

“Pitchfork gave it a really awful review, which means it’s the kind of album I would love,” says Turnover singer Austin Getz of the band’s latest album, Myself in...

Pitchfork gave it a really awful review, which means it’s the kind of album I would love,” says Turnover singer Austin Getz of the band’s latest album, Myself in the Way.  The album — which dropped November 4th courtesy of Run For Cover Records — is the fifth full-length from the Virginia Beach-based indie rock band, and the fifth recorded with producer Will Yip (who co-produced alongside Getz) at Studio 4 in Conshohocken.  “Working with Will, at this point, feels second-nature.  It’s like muscle memory,” Austin tells me during a recent phone chat.

The frontman tells me that – due to the pandemic – the process of making the latest Turnover record was a little different from the band’s previous releases: “Writing and recording it was pretty different, probably the most different since [2013 debut] Magnolia.  We took a lot more time with this one.”  He also tells me that he thinks the album itself is something new for the band: “The sound of it is probably also the most different from the previous release [2019’s Altogether] …  It definitely goes a lot more into disco and funk territory, and psychedelic elements.”

Five singles from Myself in the Way were released prior to the album dropping (including the title track, featuring Turnstile’s Brendan Yates, and “Ain’t Love Heavy,” featuring Bre Morell), but Austin tells me that that wasn’t necessarily the original intention: “We weren’t really sure we wanted to put them out as part of an album.”  Many of these songs also have music videos that were made with help from some of Turnover’s favorite visual artists, including their very own bassist: “We normally find an artist that we like and try to find a way to bridge their art with our art…  It’s different with every album.  Danny Dempsey did the album cover and all the tour posters, and our friend from Brazil, Vitor Jabour, who’s a visual artist, who is actually on tour with us, did the videos with Danny’s artwork.”

Turnover have been on tour since the day after the album dropped, and will be wrapping their upcoming dates this coming Sunday, December 18th, at our very own Union Transfer, with support from Riki, Video Age, and Horse Jumper Of Love.  Austin tells me that the shows have been going really well so far: “It’s been really cool all the way around.  It’s our first time back on a full tour in A-markets.”  He also admits that some of the dates have provided a setting the band’s really enjoying: “We’ve been playing really old theatres with great architecture and sound…  Smaller clubs are okay, but being in the bigger rooms has been cool, with these visuals and the sound.”  Additionally, he tells me that for those who have seen Turnover in the past, they can likely expect something new: “It’s really a whole new set and a whole new energy around the band…  We’re playing like an hour and a half, which is a lot longer.”

In addition to Austin getting married and officially relocating to Los Angeles, next year Turnover is set to play a small handful of Australian dates in May, before Outbreak Fest in the UK in June, and then When We Were Young Fest in Vegas in October.  However, he also tells me that the band already has new music in the works: “We have a bunch of music still in the chamber from the COVID writing session…  We have a bunch of songs we’ve been playing around with at soundcheck, and we’ll continue working pretty heavily on them.”

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