Triple Hex are one of those bands who just seem to have listened to all of the right music throughout their lives.  They have the funky primal swagger of The Stooges (and frontman, Dave Hex, doesn’t exactly sound a million miles from Mr. Osterberg), coupled with the soul of the darkest of punk’s ashes.  It wouldn’t be hard to convince someone that their latest EP was conceived of while nightclubbing in the postmodern dystopia of 1977 Manchester.  But the album was actually conceived of by this refreshingly brilliant NYC rock trio.   The release drops January 1st at 12:01am.  I recently got a chance to chat briefly with Dave about what fans can expect of the album and what they can expect of Triple Hex in 2013.

Triple Hex photo

Izzy Cihak: Since 2012 is coming to an end, I have to ask what were your personal highlights of the year?

Dave Hex: Probably writing and recording the new Triple Hex record. Oh, and discovering black weed, too. Moving three times would not be on the list.

IC: Your new EP drops within a minute of ringing in the new year… But what are your plans for the rest of the year?  Any resolutions? Any chance of a full-length? Any touring planned?

DH: Rest of the year? All I’m concerned with is 12:01am… But after that Triple Hex is having a record release party on January 17th at the Gutter in Brooklyn.  We’re writing songs for a full-length record. When will it be released? We’re hoping for a fall release date. As far as touring, we’re going back to France in May and are booking a U.S. tour as well. No New Year resolutions for me.

IC: For fans who have maybe only heard the EP’s first single, “Winter,” how would you characterize the sounds you’re currently indulging in, compared to those of past releases?

DH: I would say it;s a little more loud and dark, with the usual dose of NYC grime.

IC: What do you think were the biggest influences behind these six songs, whether musical or otherwise?

DH: I listen to a lot of early Sun Records and 80’s goth. So I’d say Elvis, Bauhaus, and, probably, insomnia, since all these songs were written at 5am.