My apologies for the recent lack in music postings.  I have been finishing up my last term of college and working on my senior project, an event that I am hoping some of you will be able to attend.

This Friday, June 3, I will be holding a concert to benefit To Write Love on Her Arms.  For those of you not familiar, To Write Love on Her Arms is a nonprofit dedicated to the prevention of suicide, depression, substance abuse, and self injury.  The concert is free, but we will be selling drinks, baked goods, candy, and other goodies.  The event will take place all day Friday from noon into the evening at Drexel Park on 32nd and Powelton.  If you have never been to Drexel Park, its view of the city should be enough of a motivation to come and show your support for this wonderful charity.

Along with the Drexel University Percussion, Guitar, and Rock Ensembles, and Fusion Band, three student acts will be performing. First off, W.C. Lindsay will be offering up his fresh blend of acoustic and electric in his usual fashion.  Perfectly blending folk rock with electric pop, W.C. Lindsay will provide the perfect transition into one of my latest favorites, Brave Elephant. This band does a wonderful job ensuring the beautiful harmonies and intricacies of their recordings are not lost in their live performances.  Closing out the night will be D & M.  After a very successful Kickstarter campaign, the alternative pop band is now gearing up for the “D & M – Every State of the Union (Or At Least The 13 Original Colonies) Summer Tour 2011” that will take them all the way to Vegas.

Friday’s weather is going to be gorgeous, so please come out to this beautiful park to help us celebrate. In the words of To Write Love on Her Arms, “May you feel celebrated today, may you know that you are loved.”