Tiberius b on Getting the Last Seat in TOPS’ Van (10/29 at JB’s w/ TOPS)

London-based Postmodern pop prodigy Tiberius b got the gig opening TOPS’ current US tour in kind of an interesting way: “Part of the reason I’m touring with TOPS is...

London-based Postmodern pop prodigy Tiberius b got the gig opening TOPS’ current US tour in kind of an interesting way: “Part of the reason I’m touring with TOPS is because they had one space left in their van, so they said if I can perform my stuff solo, I could come along…  It can be a little more intense doing everything solo, but I recorded and wrote everything by myself, so it’s kind of normal for me.”  Tiberius b, who I’m speaking to via phone after a long day spent in aforementioned van, will be bringing this very show to Johnny Brenda’s next Friday, October 29th, for their sold out show with TOPS.

Despite what would seem to be relatively cozy touring conditions, Tiberius b and the Montreal-based indie rockers seem to be enjoying themselves on the road (They pass the time in the van playing a game made up by TOPS called Brinehead, where the seven of them each come up with an artist they appreciate, but want to get to know better, by sharing three of their songs.  Today’s artists included Dido, Vengaboys, and Ten Second Epic.)  Tiberius b also tells me that they’re quite enjoying playing for TOPS’ fans: “This is the first time I’ve really played these songs out.  It’s going really well…  It’s like a really great and humbling experience to play your music for people every day who don’t know who you are.”

Tiberius b is touring behind Stains, their debut EP, which dropped digital earlier this year and October 8th on vinyl.  The EP is a collection of six songs written, recorded, and produced by Tiberius b during the pandemic, after relocating to the Welsh countryside to take care of their elderly grandmother.  However, after she was moved to hospital they had six weeks alone in her house, where the EP was conceived: “This past year when I made the EP, that was a really beautiful experience.”  During our chat, they tell me that Stains was more than just a musical release for them, but a multi-faceted endeavor, in which they happily immersed themselves in every aspect.

“It was all independent.  I got signed and got to live a life that was just doing that.  One of the highlights was to be able to execute the production of the whole Stains project, not just the music, but the videos and the photos.  That was really beautiful to me.”

Describing the music of Tiberius b, FLOOD wrote, “The musician and singer has shown an exciting range of soulful R&B and sultry-leaning pop,” however, there are also noticeable influences from the ‘90s trip hop and Brit pop CDs that the songwriter borrowed from their father.  Although the six songs from on Stains are the only music Tiberius b has out at the moment (in addition to recently released remixes of “Stains” and “No Smoke” from Yu Su and x/o, respectively), they tell me that there is plenty in the works for 2022: “I’ve got a song coming out in the new year, a song that I wrote years ago with Cecile Believe, and then more insane videos and I have a new EP coming out…”

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