9/20 Tonight at Kung Fu Necktie, welcome Austin trio Woven Bones. Their garage surf sound is a perfect match for Frankie Rose & The Outs and Fishtown favorites Reading Rainbow. No word on if The Necktie will be setting up TVs for the game, but I’m sure you can figure something out with your fancy ass smartphones. All of these bands are hitting CMJ hard this week. Check back tomorrow for a listing of what Philly bands are doing what in New York this weekend.

Also tonight is a very special performance by Tia and Tamara, a rare side project formed by members of The Armchairs. These guys will be performing at Danger Danger Gallery with The So So GlosCarnivores, and (((Taco))).

10/22 Friday night Danger Danger Gallery has something pretty tasty cooking – Spirits of the Red City, The Sea Around Us, and Your Children is Beautiful who I have been getting way too into lately. Their music is perfect for Fall. It’s that perfect level of sustained moodiness that keeps you waiting for each song to just explode.

If you’re looking for something a little different, swing by Pilam this Friday for Pains of Being Pure at Heart. Also playing are Philly cats Creepoid and The Homophones. Low fidelity. High fun.

10/23 Spirits of the Red City and Your Children is Beautiful have a pretty busy weekend. The next night they are both playing Tritone with Da Comrade! and The New Heaven & The New Earth. That’s a whole lot of brotherly love.

10/24 I suggest ending this long week of music in New Brunswick at Fuck Mountain. This show couldn’t come more recommended with sets from Philly’s latest favorites, Slutever and Blackhawks, the most recent project from the dudes who brought us Nude Beach and BAnanas Symphony. Blackhawks was an instant favorite, and to quote the good people at FMLY, “Once you go Blackhawks, you never go back.” “Sunday Morning,” their first original song to hit the internet, was everything I’ve ever wanted – a haunting melody laid on top of an addicting layer of blues. If you haven’t seen them or Slutever yet, well you’re just a loser and I think you need to get out more. In fact, Sunday would be the perfect time to leave your cave! Also at Fuck Mountain will be locals Slow Animal and Bummer Sanders as well as Dead Gaze.

If a trip to Jersey is not in your plans, stop by Danger Danger Gallery for Little Teeth, Hop Along, Motorcycle Maus, Burberry Possums, and Tamarin. This lineup is a perfect example of how to blend experimental folk with some creepy dark electronic stuff. It’s gonna be good. I have really been digging Burberry Possums recently and suggest exploring their bandcamp for some free stuff. I know you love free stuff.