Haerts photo 1

Until this past Wednesday, I’m not sure Philthy (or Philly, for that matter) was aware that HAERTS had more than one song… In fact, that sentiment was included in the press release for their recent area appearance… But, indeed, they do… at least enough to fill up a support slot (Part of me was really hoping that the band would come out play their sole official release, “Wings,” like eight times in a row… How fuckin’ punk would that be?)  This past Wednesday, the NYC five-piece (consisting of members from Germany, England, and the states) hit up Union Transfer, to open for Swedish indie poppers Shout Out Louds… And, despite the headliners brilliantly quirky grasp on a cleverly minimal take on the rock spectacle, HAERTS proved to be the evening’s highlights.  HAERTS’ sound is an intoxicatingly spacey brand of pop that would seem suited for the prom scene in a John Hughes film… but sincerely informed enough to deserve to be taken seriously… I would consider them to be peers of Chairlift, although my friend far-more-eloquently proclaimed, “They sound like if Stevie Nicks were the singer for New Order.”  They can also get slightly Jazzy at times, but in a very postmodernly synthetic way.  Their live show matched the intoxication induced by their sound.  The band remained largely in shadows, but that synthetic warmth of theirs easily could’ve heated and entranced the room (which can hold up to 1,300).  Analogously, the band’s identity remains largely in shadows at this point, but they will remain on the road for the rest of the month with Shout Out Louds and they have a debut LP that will drop before the year’s end.  Until then, check out their recently-released video for “Wings.”

[youtube http://youtu.be/yk52XHSpmF4]