The Paper Kites: Back in the U.S.A.

I first met The Paper Kites last November, when they were wrapping up their first US tour.  Well, just eight months on and they’re back on their second run...

I first met The Paper Kites last November, when they were wrapping up their first US tour.  Well, just eight months on and they’re back on their second run of the states.  The Melbourne-based indie folk outfit have a short string of dates that will have them playing upstairs at World Café Live on Thursday, July 17th.  I, once again, got a chance to chat with drummer of The Paper Kites, Josh Bentley, who told me about what the band has been up to since last November, how he feels about being back in the states, and just when we might be able to expect a follow-up to their debut LP, States.

Izzy Cihak: We’re about halfway through 2014.  What have been the highlights of the year for the band, thus far?

Josh Bentley: We started the year on a high, playing a big festival in Australia called The Falls Festival. That was indeed a highlight for all of us. We have also played our first festival in the Philippines called Wanderland, which was an awesome experience.


Izzy: The last time I talked to the band you were in the middle of your first US tour.  So I’m curious, what are you most excited for on your upcoming US dates?  Any cities or dates you’re especially eager for?

Josh: Yeah, being the second time playing in the US we’re really excited to get back to a few of the cities we visited last time. New York is a favourite of ours. There’s no city in the world quite like it. A few of us are also really keen to sample some of the local cuisine. I know another juicy Philly steak sub is in order too.

Izzy: Your sound lends itself to a number of live settings.  Is there a particular setting you prefer, or that you feel is most suitable to experience your music?  The last time you were in town you played Johnny Brenda’s, which has been described as “a mini Rock’N’Roll ballroom,” and your upcoming date is upstairs at World Café Live, a dinner theatre venue.

Josh: I personally like to play the stand up theatre type venues. I think, depending on the audience, our music lends itself to an eclectic bunch of venues and settings. It’s refreshing to play lots of different types of venues, from outdoor festivals to intimate club shows, we enjoy playing them all.


Izzy: What can be expected of this batch of US dates?  You’ve been touring behind States for quite a while now.

Josh: Yeah, we will be playing a lot of material from across our 2 EP’s and new album, States, this time around. We’ll be playing a few older tracks and incorporating our new material into the set as well.

Izzy: And after these US dates wrap, what’s next for The Paper Kites?  Any chance of some new music?  If so, what can be expected of the evolution of your sound?

Josh: Yeah, the next step for us is a follow-up album to States. We haven’t sat down and discussed too much yet, but it’s looking likely that a new album will hopefully drop sometime in 2015.


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