The Pack A.D. “Abandon[ing] the pretense of perfection”

Late last year I caught up with Maya Miller, drummer and one-half of hyper-gritty Canadian garage outfit, The Pack A.D. Miller and musical partner Becky Black were preparing to...

Late last year I caught up with Maya Miller, drummer and one-half of hyper-gritty Canadian garage outfit, The Pack A.D. Miller and musical partner Becky Black were preparing to release their fifth full-length, Do Not Engage, which hit US shelves courtesy of Nettwerk on January 28th. The album, which Maya confessed was personally probably very influenced by the horror novels she was reading, boasts as abrasive a brand of blues as is likely humanly possible. There’s nearly-psychotic soul, a morbidly dusty Americana, and a plethora of riffs that could revive the dead, all channeled through the most pure kind of amplified sonic expressionism. The Pack A.D. have released a bevy of music videos throughout the past year, toured alongside the likes of Alice in Chains, and already hit up Philthy hard with sweaty Friday night in April at Kung Fu Necktie. However, this Saturday, September 13th, The Pack A.D. are going to be playing their biggest local date yet, when they provide support for Man or Astro-Man? at Underground Arts. Once again, Maya took some time to chat with me, letting me know what the band has been up to since their latest album saw a release in the states.

Izzy Cihak: Since this is a Philadelphia-based publication, I have to ask if you have any thoughts on the city or favorite memories of playing here?
Maya Miller: I never get enough time to explore Philadelphia when I’m there so I’m really hoping to get that chance this time around. I do know that shows can get rowdy and I like it.

Izzy: Your latest LP, Do Not Engage, came out at the beginning of the year. What have been your favorite aspects of promoting it so far?
Maya: Mainly the touring part. It’s always satisfying to just get out there in front of people and abandon the pretense of perfection.

Izzy: You’ve been on a number of very cool tours and put out a handful of music videos.
Maya: Why, thank you.

Izzy: And do you currently have a favorite song off of the album, whether one that you’re especially proud of, one that might signify where your sounds are headed, or one that’s just especially fun to play live?
Maya: I’d have to say “Creepin’ Jenny” because it’s us getting a little weird. And that might be one of the directions we’re heading.

Izzy: You’re currently on the road with Man or Astro-Man? What are your thoughts on the Alabama band? Were you fans of theirs previously?
Maya: They’re a helluva band and what a live show on top of it. It’s been super right from the start.

Izzy: And what can we expect of the live experience when you play here later this week? I think this is going to be your biggest Philly show yet.
Maya: I think you are definitely correct about that. We’re going to do what we always do, which in Canadian, would be give ‘er.

Izzy: What’s next for The Pack A.D.? How do you plan and hope to spend the last part of 2014 and the first part of 2015?
Maya: Well after this we have a Canadian tour with Tokyo Police Club and then I think we’re going to get right back into the studio and make some more stuff.


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