Today sees the release of the criminally brilliant Empire Underground EP, courtesy of London-based electro duo The Big Pink.  The album sees the band fully-embracing a very post-Brit Poppy, shogazey take on poignant electro pop, reminiscent of early BRMC, coupled with the shimmery flair of Asobi Seksu.  Well, Philly already got a generous taste of the new album when The Big Pink took over Johnny Brenda’s this Monday, February 29th.  And although the audience was surprisingly sparse, the band churned out a 50-minute set with more swagger than the city has seen all year.  In the classically-badass black leather and denim the band introduced their latest EP, in addition to kicking out a handful of singles, like “Stay Gold” and “Hit the Ground (Superman),” off of 2012’s Future This.  Shining out as highlights of the evening (also both off of Future This) were psych pop anthem “Rubbernecking” and dubby, post-punk jam “Give it Up.”  Sadly, it looked as though most of you weren’t there, but I would highly recommend picking up Empire Underground ASAP and checking out their recent music video for EP track “Hightimes” below.