When we last left The Asteroids Galaxy Tour they were sounding along the lines of a space age cabaret, churning out postmodern lounge music.  Since then, their aesthetic seems to have erupted in several dozen directions.  While the horns found on Fruit (their 2009 debut LP) tended to take a backseat to vocalist Mette Lindberg and producer Lars Iversen, they seem to be the ones calling the shots on their sophomore effort, Out of Frequency, out this Tuesday, 1/31, on BMG.  The band cites Primal Scream, Dynasty, and, perhaps most profoundly, Blaxploitation films as inspirations for their latest.  The two-part “Gold Rush,” is astonishingly fit for the Dolemite soundtrack.  And lead-off single “Major” is as epically smooth as Richard Roundtree.  In fact, if it wasn’t for Lindberg’s clearly-white-girl-Danish-accent, you might jump to the assumption that the first portion of the album was actually found somewhere in Melvin Van Peebles’ basement.

While Out of Frequency produces very few disappointing moments (with sounds ranging from bubblegum psychedelica to acid-addled hip-hop), it is when the outfit is sounding their sunniest that they are most satisfying.  The LP’s two strongest tracks are “Mafia,” a BBQ-fueled block party theme for international playboys on their most leisurely of days, and “Suburban Space Invader,” a politely sassy pop song with far too much soulful swagger to be able to justify an abbreviation.

While Fruit was an indicator that something great had stepped onto the scene, Out of Frequency severely outshines it.  Their sophomore effort captures the subversive spectacle that is their live show on a record.  If they were dealing with cabaret on their first LP, they have more than established themselves as burlesque on the follow-up.  The last time the Danish six-piece found themselves in the City of Brotherly Love it was crowded onto the cramped stage of Kung Fu Necktie in front a half-capacity audience… and it doesn’t look like what those fifty in attendance experienced is going to be repeated anytime soon.  This Thursday, 2/2, the band will find themselves on the mega stage of Union Transfer, giving the outfit a little breathing room… And, apparently, advance ticket sales have already tacked a zero onto the number who attended their last local show.