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I Don’t Get It: Is Kelly Osbourne Trying To Look Like...

According to my Hipster Style Map, Kelly Osbourne's awkwardly rocking this late 2007 vintage look with hair, that unfortunately, just reminds me of Dame Edna, today,...

I Don’t Get It: Chace Crawford. Period.

Anyone like him? I really just don't get it. TTLY, Conrad

I Don’t Get It: Is Maggie Gyllenhaal Mainstream Or Indie?

I mean, she looks indie: tasseled hair, mixed up patterns in her dress and cardigan, weird face, Daria boots. She definitely does NOT look mainstream....

I Don’t Get It: How Is Jessica Simpson Fat?

No really, I don't get it. I think she looks good. I mean she looks a bit retarded in that first picture, but she...