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Philadelphia Fashion Week Update… Kinda

Philthy Blog sat down with menswear designers Wrath Arcane back in our F1rst Friday May video. It's, like, we invented Philly fashion week... Check...

Print Liberation Makes Me LOL So Hard: Rush Limbarf

Buy the 'Rush Limbarf' tee HERE! Don't you all think Print Liberation should do a 'Gay Marriage' tee!?! If so, let them know in the comments....

New Print Liberation “Wall St. Sucks” Tee! (It Totes Does Too)

Buy it HERE! Philthy Blog <3s Print Liberation 4 life. BTW, since when is Chloe Sevigny modeling for Print Liberation?! See Chloe's vajane after the jump... (J/K... Who am I, Perez?...

Grown ‘N’ Sexy Santogold Goes To Fashion Week

Don't u all think Santogold should come out with her own fashion line? (Mybe even to coordinate with a new album.) I feel like if...

Gerlan Jeans Gets 1991 Inspired At NYC’s Fashion Week

... And I'm loving this shit out of it! Watch the entire show HERE. TTLY, Conrad

MNSTRM vs. ALT Fashion: Then And Now

In other fashion news: Check out these two Philly girls that blog hardcore abt FASHION: DirtyFlaws.com SocietyHillPhilly.blogspot.com TTLY, Conrad

If I Were Going To Be A Douchbag Alt-Fag Fashion Blogger...

  (New Shit From PegLeg) TTLY, Conrad