Spreading the Love with IndustrySync

Stephen Hill thinks like an artist and acts like a businessman. The former promoter and Philly native has been dipping in and out of the city’s music scene for...

IndustrySync open mic night performance

Stephen Hill thinks like an artist and acts like a businessman. The former promoter and Philly native has been dipping in and out of the city’s music scene for years now.

Once upon a time, he was the go-to guy for connects; from DJ’s to videographer’s to sound and lighting engineers, he had his own network of reliable artists. Hill eventually left his promoter lifestyle behind for a more traditional career in I.T. but continued to get requests from friends looking for industry contacts. He found it disheartening that in the years he had been out of promotions, Philadelphia’s music industry seemed to shrink instead of grow. Instead of creating opportunities for each other, Hill saw a level of selfishness. The ones who had access to Philly’s best of the best weren’t sharing.

“This city is about the opposite of brotherly love. People are only focusing on the competition and themselves instead of pulling our resources to create something bigger. Philly is great, but it’s not the end all be all, there’s so much potential that we’re not tapping into, we have to learn how to work together.”

Hill knew the city needed some kind of an outlet where artists and other creative minds could network with each other; he also knew that social networking had to be a big part of it. Combining his love for music and his knowledge of computers he created IndustrySync. Think of it as Facebook for anybody involved in any facet of Philadelphia’s creative scene. A social networking site dedicated to anything music related, providing a resource for that jazz singer to be able to find her sax player, for that photographer to build his portfolio and for that venue to find a DJ.

Unhappy in his 9-5 job grind, Hill quit and poured his time into this new venture. Understanding that technology and the music industry go hand in hand, he used his I.T. knowledge to help create an interactive site providing the tools to help others share their skills.

He also put together a weekly open mic night to give these creative minds a feeling of support, an epicenter of like minds. Hill wants a place for singers and performers to shine while providing an outlet for the behind-the-scenes artists as well. He provides a resident band and gives away prizes raffle-style including gas cards and valuable studio time.

“I go to a lot of live shows in the city and I notice that when the performer is on stage, they have all eyes and attention. When they step off the stage, the audience moves on to the next artist. I see these people wanting to network and get feedback after the show but once they’re out of the spotlight, it’s difficult.”

With his open mic nights, Hill is providing a space for artists network, showcase and collaborate so that Philly’s industry can grow while maintaining a sense of community.  With IndustrySync’s website, he intends to shine that spotlight on Philly and let everybody know just who the best of the best really are.

Check out IndsurtySync’s open mic night every Wednesday from 6:30pm to midnight at The Manayunk Brewery. Performers need to sign up with SHill@industrysync.com in advance.