U Know How I Don’t Like To Talk ABT Other PPL’s Blogs, Right? It’s Gotten Me In Some Trouble Before And I’m Trying To Change My Ways, Let PPL Be People, U Know? But…

There’s This Blog Called Pamplepuss Or SMTHNG…

They Post Photos From Fashions Shows And Parties And Say Things Like, “These Shoes Are Sweet Right?”:

Well, They Have Been Taking Jabs At Me For ABT A Month Now Because I Talk ABT Politics… Which Is Funny Because If They Paid Closer Attention To Politics They Might Notice What I Did…

U Is Sarah Palin + I Am Joe Biden


I Might Put My Foot In My Mouth Every Once In A While, But For The Most Part I’m Saying Something… Ur Blog Says ABT As Much As Sarah Palin In A Katie Couric Interview.

Word Bro.

Anyone Reading Pamplepuss Should Just Read Hipsterrunoff… It’s A Way Way Way Better Version Of What These ALT-BAGs R Failing To Try To Do.

TTLY, Conrad