“A suspicious fire devastated the church attended by Sarah Palin on Friday night in her hometown of Wasilla, Alaska…” [CNN.com]

First of all can I just say, what’s up with everything being square in Wasilla? (Not a metaphor.) Maybe I’ve lived on the East Coast for too long but usually churches come with steeples, and city halls come with non-gas-pump-looking signage… U know? Whtvr.

Ok, so I was talking to my friend Dawn at work today and we basically decided that this fire was silly for 2 reasons:

1. If the point was to make a statement abt how dumb organized religion is… Congrats, u proly just confirmed for a bunch of followers their belief that the world is too scary and dangerous without the Church. Not to mention that pulpits all over the country will now be able to use this event to scam even more money out of overly passionate ppl.

2. If the point was abt Sarah Palin… Congrats, u just gave her a sympathetic angle, and kept her in the press for another week. 

Now if they find out this wasn’t an arson… Then I would advise Catholics to srsly start thinking abt other religions. 

TTLY, Conrad

P.s. Palin’s photo at top of this post is from this guy on Flickr who puts Michael Phelps’ mouth on famous ppl, and I have to say, it’s pretty lol funny. Click HERE to check it out.