With all of the billions of dollars going to bailout large companies (the same large companies that created this economy), my fear that America will just turn into one big Wal-Mart is coming closer to fruition.

My fear is that the current economic dry spell our country is going through will further bleed out independent businesses. Will further weed out choice. And will inevitably put control of information and goods into a very small number of hands. (This has already happen with the communications companies.)

And look there are very few, but ultimately powerful things we can do to change this. Voting for politicians is one thing, yes, some help more than others. But, they are all still in the pockets of these money men, trust. 

I know it sounds cheesy but you vote everyday whether you realize it or not… with your money. So vote with your money the way you couldn’t vote with your ballot, independent. Fuck Starbucks. Fuck Comcast. Fuck Borders. Do what you know you should do and support local independent businesses. Let’s not let another Robin’s fall though the cracks. 

TTLY, Conrad

P.s. Too Preachy? Whtvr, fuck you then!