This Weekend Union Transfer played host to a plethora of heroe… well, to be honest, they were mostly heroines… of the 1990s… Mazzy Star took UT’s stage on Friday night on their first US tour of nearly two decades, while Saturday had the ladies of Luscious Jackson playing their first show in 13 years from the very same stage.  However, nostalgia wasn’t the only thing to excite this weekend at Union Transfer.  Taking the role of immediate support for Mazzy Star on Friday was New York experimental psych rockers Psychic Ills (who just got their start in 2003).  Like Mazzy Star, their performance took place more or less in the dark, with coolly (and possibly profoundly) swaying bodies helping to shake our souls into a hiply enlightened trance of sorts.  I recently got a chance to quickly chat with Psychic Ills’ Tres Warren about their recently released album, how they enjoy things like Philly and Mazzy Star, and what they’re going to be up to in 2014.

Izzy Cihak: Since this is a Philadelphia-based publication, I have to ask if you have any particular thoughts on or favorite memories of the city?  You’ve played here a handful of times now.

Tres Warren: Philly is great. I like the Mutter Museum and the Record Exchange.

IC: You released One Track Mind in February.  What have been the highlights of promoting it throughout 2013?

TW: We were in Europe a couple times. That was cool. My favorite part is just working on the music. Touring has its ups and downs.

IC: You just wrapped up a to tour supporting Mazzy Star.  How has that been?  Were you previously fans of theirs?

TW: Yeah, it’s been cool to see them every night. They sound great. I don’t ever get tired of hearing “Blue Flower.”

IC: Do you have new music in the works?  If so, how would you characterize your current direction?

TW: There’s always some unfinished ideas kicking around. Some that didn’t make it on the last record and some that were written since then. The direction is a continuation of things. The same direction, just figuring out the right balance.

IC: What do you consider to be your most significant influences and inspirations?

TW: I don’t know. I feel less concerned with outside influences and more interested in refining and working on what we do.

IC: What are your most significant plans and hopes for 2014?

TW: I’m looking forward to laying low and working on new things.