Preview: Fiancé and Soil & the Sun @ Arden Gild Hall 10/25

  The Arden Concert Gild will host two emerging indie rock bands this Saturday night October 25th at 8:00 pm, Fiancé and Soil & the Sun at The Gild Hall...


The Arden Concert Gild will host two emerging indie rock bands this Saturday night October 25th at 8:00 pm, Fiancé and Soil & the Sun at The Gild Hall in Arden with opener, Maiden Names. The night is sure to be highlighted by some chill producing, updated and rocking sounds. Both co-headlining bands have released albums to a lot of buzz from fans and critics alike.


Fiancé is described from their website as an “experiemental pop group bringing their local vibe to a grandeur level” from Newark, Delaware. They are enjoying the release of their debut EP “EP1” and making waves around the globe. Stereogum described their sound as “hypnotic” with “glistening synth melodies”.



Soil & the Sun is a shimmering, melodic and effervescent indie folk-tinged band from Grand Rapids, Michigan incorporating many elements in their unique style having released a new album, “Meridian”, to an excellent review from Paste Magazine. The band cites their influences as Radiohead, Here We Go Magic, Sigur Ros, Grizzly Bear, Anathallo and many more.


For additional insight on Fiancé and Soil & The Sun, I was thrilled to have a chance to chat with both bands:

Philthy interview with Fiancé:

Jon Crary with Philthy: Where and how did you get your start as a band?

Fiancé: Jeff, Andrew and I, have been playing in and out of bands together since late middle school in Middletown, DE. Other friends would join and leave the bands but each of us would stay pretty consistent in playing with each other. Through the years we were constantly reformulating our sound as we changed alongside our influences. After we finished high school, we moved to Newark, where we met an even larger group of musicians for last few years. We had very rough ideas of what Fiancé would be and it was not until Brian Bruce sat in with us that our sound began to come together. Bruce was already well seasoned in playing with more professional bands and really helped to be a driving force to get us even more motivated than we already were.

Jon: How did you arrive at the kind of sound you have now?

Fiancé: Each of us have been in countless different groups. Everything thing from psychedelic bands, hardcore, power pop, jam bands, folk bands, etc… and everytime one of these groups may have fallen apart, I think we took the things that we liked and communicated the things we would of liked to do differently. Fiancé is the result of an understanding of each other as musicians, a changing of influence and just coming of age.

Jon: What are some of your influences?

Fiancé: This has always been a tough question because people are very quick to categorize our own music by what we may list spur of the moment as our influences. I am sure that the influences I’ll write today are going to be ridiculed by the rest of the band even by the time we practice later this evening. I think that it makes people uncomfortable to not having a solid answer for these types of questions. It’s an appropriate question to ask, but just know that our music is influenced by our lives and what we have experienced together. It would be less honest to list a bunch of bands.

Jon: What’s on tap for the rest of the year and for 2015?

Fiancé:  The EP we released on October 7th was finished almost a year ago now. Since then we have been busy writing a full length album and demoing all of the material. It has been months of writing and discarding songs. We will most likely wrap up the entire process of our first full length in early 2015 and expect to release sometime around early summer. The dates are very vague because we keep getting different opportunities and shows that are pushing it back. After that, maybe we will go on a tour to support it.. Nobody knows for sure what will happen but we are all on board and excited to find out.


Philthy interview with Soil & The Sun:

Jon: How did you come together as a band?

Soil & the Sun: We’ve gone through several phases as a band, but we kind of settled into this group about 4 years ago.  Grand Rapids has some sort of mysterious force that drew us all together.  I think it has something to do with the fluoride in the water… and the coffee.  And beer?  We were all friends before band mates, so it was very natural for us to start playing music together.

Jon: How do you feel about touring and coming especially to Delaware?

Soil & the Sun: I feel pretty good about touring.  Really good, in fact.  It’s like a dream – running around and playing our songs every night, staying up too late, learning the ways of the road.  We’ve got a few more states to check off of our list, and Delaware is one of them.  We’re looking forward to it, for sure.

Jon: What have been some of your favorite places?

Soil & the Sun: There are many interesting places… some nice ones that stick out immediately are Santa Cruz, the whole South West, Asheville, NC, Portland, ME.  Engadine, MI and Snowville, UT, of course – the two places where we’ve broken down.

Jon:  What can we expect from the band in the future and plans for 2015?

Soil & The Sun: I’m not too sure what to expect myself.  Whatever comes our way, I suppose.  Keep an eye out for new tunes, lots of touring, maybe some new band photos.

Check them out at The Arden Gild Hall. Tickets are only $8!

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