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InLiquid’s Art For The Cash Poor at the Crane Arts building in Kensgington this weekend was so much fun, I hope you had a chance to go check it out and maybe buy some cheap art.

To be honest, I’d never been to the Crane Arts building before, and I have no fucking idea why. It was so amazing, I can’t believe I’ve been (unintentionally) ignoring this place. I think a lot of the people there were there for the first time too. So even while the focus of the Cash Poor event was on the artist selling their affordable artwork in the gigantic back yard (so gigantic, I feel weird even calling it that) and in the adjacent open-air warehouse, both pictured above, many many people, including myself, spent ample time exploring the artists on show in the diverse galleries of the Crane Arts building.

I ended up taking so many photos that uploading them all on here would completely eat up my day off. So, please CLICK HERE to go to my Flickr and see all the photos.

Dear Crane Arts building, I am now in love with you. You will be seeing me A LOT of me from now on. And don’t be surprised if you end up staring in my next First Friday video.

TTLY, Conrad