Beach Day photo 1

Beach Day are sort of like a musical episode of Three’s Company produced by Phil Spector.  Beach Day are a trio hailing from “Hollyweird,” Florida… a retro-vibing town whose quirk would seem to be the band’s biggest influence (It’s been described as resembling an R. Crumb drawing.)  Kimmy, Natalie, and Skyler live together and work together at Smoothie Palace… a beachside snack shack.  The band’s debut LP, Trip Track Attack, is out June 18th on Kanine Records.  Earlier today I got a chance to chat with Kimmy, who tells me, “You can expect a lot of awesome melodies and some crazy garage rock and a lot of energy.”  She tells me that the band’s biggest musical influences include The Yardbirds, The Shangri-Las, and the Ronettes, but that the trio are also huge fans of contemporaries like Black Lips and labelmates Surfer Blood.  Kimmy tells me that after Trip Track Attack drops the band has a lot of touring in the works.  However, the band are currently in the middle of a month of touring and will be appearing this Monday, April 1st, at Johnny Brenda’s, supporting Dong Johnson and Broncho.  Even though you don’t know the words to their just songs yet, I would highly recommend coming out.  Kimmy tells me, “We’re really excited.  It’s gonna be just awesome mayhem.  Expect controlled chaos!”  In the meantime, check out the band recording “Boys” in Miami.