Philthy Blog asks 5 (mostly) random questions to (mostly) interesting Philly people…

5 Questions:

1. Name three people you would get an instant boner to see shopping at Sweet Jane (besides me… also, they can be dead or alive)?   

Marc BolanDavid Bowie, and you of course.   

2. If you had a magic fashion wand, what trend would you eliminate from the streets of Philadelphia?

It’s not so much a trend, it’s the fact that everyone is wearing the same thing. I would just like to see things mixed up a bit, I want to see more individual style.    

3. Favorite place to shop in Philly (besides your shop)…

Retrospect, because I can afford it. And I love all the local boutiques, and I try to support them as much as possible.    

4. Best DJ night in Philly (besides your own)…

Ten Commandments at the Barbary, Rock Tits at the Pope

5. Gay marriage: Civil right?

I’m pro gay marriage hoooray!!!!!!

Make sure to be at Sweet Jane’s re-opening party (1742 East Passyunk Ave) this Saturday, December 13th from 6-10PM… You can also add Sweet Jane on Myspace HERE, for other updates. Jem also has the sweetest DJ skillz, displayed every Sunday, upstairs at Tattooed Moms

TTLY, Conrad