“So I guess we’re kind of like U2-meets-Depeche-Mode-meets-My-Bloody-Valentine.  My favorite band is U2, but we have a ton of electronic influences and a lot of shoegaze, as well.”  Ryan Daly, is explaining the origins of Parade of Lights’ sounds, the anthemic dance rock band he sings and plays guitar in.  The origins of Parade of Lights date back nearly a decade, but it’s been in just the past few years when the band solidified and quickly began to blow up.  When I ask Daly about the highlights of the project, he tells me, “We self-released ‘We’re the Kids’ last year through Jeff Regan at Sirius and then a lot of labels came to the table and we ended up signing with Astralwerks, which was really exciting and we actually opened for 30 Seconds to Mars and Imagine Dragons, respectively, which was amazing.”

Last month Parade of Lights released the “Golden” EP on Astralwerks, which boasts previously released singles “Golden” and the aforementioned “We’re the Kids,” in addition to new tracks “Burn” and “The Island.”  The band are also currently on tour with X Ambassadors and will be playing our very own Milkboy this Saturday, April 12th.  I ask Daly to characterize the band live and he tells me, “People say it rocks a little harder.  I mean, you can listen to it and kind of get it, but I think you really need to see the live show; it’s rock, it’s loud, and it’s big.”

And while Parade of Lights kick out highly-infectious, danceable jams and they’re signed to a subsidiary of Universal, when I ask Ryan Daly what is most important for people to know about the band, he tells me that when it comes to creating every aspect of their work, they’re very in-touch with the indie way of doing things.

“I like the idea of DIY and being able to do it yourself and having clarity of vision with all the aesthetics that go into a band.  I want people to know we do it ourselves.  We do all our artwork, recording, writing, everything.  We do it all in-house.”