Bridget, a fervent Philthy Blog fan, sent me a story this weekend so sad, and so Philly, I had to post it:

I thought you’d appreciate this…

So I walked out to my car today, and let me tell you first, I have a shitty ass old car. No CD player or anything of value inside of it… But still, someone had smashed my window and broke into my car, leaving about three inches of water inside, and the papers that were in there soaked.¬†

So when I tried to figure out WHY someone had broken into my car, it hit me… I had left 2 PBR tall boys on the front seat the night before.

Only in Philly will someone break into your car to steal two cans of shitty beer, while you get stuck with the $200 bill to have your window replaced… SRSLY!?¬†


Sorry girl. At least it’s now proly the most famous Philly PBR tall boy break-in.

TTLY, Conrad

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