Last night Curt and I were having dinner (as usual) at El Camino Real, when across the street we saw the construction of the Jose Cuervo games, in the Piazza. And after my imagination stumbled around the idea of bro-Jersey dudes and No’East “ladies” getting day-time drunk, being loud, and practicing their best Snookie impersonation as they throw up and piss wherever they can find a clean spot, I realized, thank God I don’t live in the Piazza.

Funny enough, as I was taking photos of all this mess to write this post, a woman [in the last photo above] was complaining loudly about the noise of all the construction. I walked up to her to asked her if she live in the Piazza, and she said yes, annoyed, and said she probably won’t be resigning her lease when it’s up later this year.

I love the Piazza, don’t get me wrong. It’s done SO much to help shape my neighborhood. It’s got one of my favorite galleries, it’s got good food, and I couldn’t live without the Pink Dolphin. That said, at times like this, I’m SO glad I can’t afford to live there.

TTLY, Conrad