Although the majority of Noel Gallagher’s most recent press has revolved around his ineffably amusing (and actually quite poignant) commentary on things like gay marriage and the songwriting abilities of Taylor Swift, the Oasis co-founder actually does have new music that you should be listening to.  This February saw the release of Chasing Yesterday, the sophomore LP from Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, whose self-titled debut dropped in 2011.  Like the band’s debut, the album boasts the swagger of Gallagher’s songwriting chops to a degree almost as impressive as when he was shaping what it was to be BritPop, but with a notably psychedelic sonic sensibility that Oasis never really explored until their late years, after they had befriended The Black Crowes.  Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds are currently wrapping up a US tour and while the final two headlining shows are sold out, their next show, which takes place at our very own Merriam Theater this Wednesday, June 3rd, still has tickets remaining and will be the most intimate Philadelphia venue Gallagher has played in at least two decades.